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Saving on Two-Wheeler Insurance Could Prove Costly for You

We can witness an increase in the number of two-wheelers on Indian roadways throughout the years, and we know why. Particularly in our nation, where you might get trapped in traffic for hours, and public transportation vehicles are always overloaded, it is necessary to get a two-wheeler to go around.

Due to the lack of public transportation in many areas, many prefer having a bike when visiting rural areas. In brief, you can see how handy having a two-wheeler for daily commuting is. It is simple to navigate heavy traffic daily by bike, and it is also cost-effective. However, you should be aware that having at least third-party insurance for your bike is required by law, or you will face penalties. Not only that, but the use of motorbikes raises important considerations if you do not have insurance for a two-wheeler.

1. Failure to Wear a Helmet

Many people still fail to remember the most critical aspect of biking: wearing a helmet. If you ride your bike without a helmet, you are placing yourself in grave danger. Even after learning about the number of unexpected passing away that occur on a daily basis, individuals do not take this seriously. Always remember that safety comes first. If you insure your bike, make careful to protect yourself as well because accidents are unpredictable. Ensure you have a helmet that protects fully and is compliant with the legal requirements for helmets. The right helmet can save a life.

2. Riding Contains Risks

Almost everyone is aware of how dangerous it is to ride a bike, and it has long been one of the riskier modes of transportation. However, others choose it because of the convenience it provides. The majority of accidents occur as a result of bad roads, rash driving, and third-party errors. You must exercise extreme caution while riding the two-wheeler. Having good riding gear and making sure your motorbike or scooter is maintained well can help reduce a lot of risks.

3. Failure to Purchase an Insurance Policy

It’s sad to hear how people don’t value safety and endanger their lives by not wearing a helmet. In addition to their safety, most people ride their bikes without insurance for a two-wheeler, which is a risky enterprise.

This frequently occurs because people are unaware of the importance of having two-wheeler insurance coverage and just buy it because it is required by law. They dismiss the situation by claiming that it slipped their memory or that buying two-wheeler insurance is an unnecessary investment.

What Effect Does a Lack of Two-Wheeler Insurance Have on You?

If you do not have insurance and happen to be involved in a significant accident that results in the unexpected passing away or serious injury of a third party, you will have to pay the money out of your own pocket. The expense of therapy, repairs, and so on may be too expensive. This type of financial load might put you and your family in financial jeopardy. Now consider whether all of this is worthwhile in terms of insurance premium savings.

If you find the process of renewing your auto insurance coverage every year onerous, you can choose policies that do not require yearly renewals. People sometimes have blind faith and confidence in their driving abilities, but unanticipated situations do not appear with a warning, so having a bike insurance policy is a sensible move. If you want to know if you’re paying too much for too little coverage, you can always use an online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to figure it out. Make sure you also do research on insurance policy add-ons to find out how well you can protect yourself.

All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

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